What Makes A Motivational Speaker?

What makes a good motivational speaker? What attributes does he possess that inspire or motivate people? The general definition of an inspirational speaker or motivational speaker is someone who makes or writes speeches meant to influence or inspire an audience. In reality however, they are individuals who can deliver speeches and presentations on any given topic. These individuals stand out from the rest because of their passion on the subject they are tackling and the way they deliver such message to their audience.

Motivational SpeakerInspirational speakers are made, not born. This piece of information is actually good news for people who are aspiring to become motivational speakers. Anyone can become a professional speaker, with some determination and hard work, as well as by learning some vital elements about motivational speaking. So, what do you need to do to become an accomplished motivational speaker?

Inspirational speakers today who are hired by companies to present corporate strategies or policies to their employees are usually given the specific topic to deliver. Nonetheless, most speakers who are just starting out usually have to come up with their message.

Bear the following points in mind as you come up with a good message.

1. Topic should be relevant and well-timed. You cannot expect people nowadays to receive your message well if it is not applicable to their situation and pertinent to the needs of the times.

2.  Identify your audience. It is equally important that you know and understand your targeted audience. You need to communicate in diverse ways to different groups of individuals.

3. Be proficient in the particular topic you have chosen to deliver. People will assume that you are well-versed in the subject matter of your speech. Thus, you need to research and study everything about the subject. Keep abreast of any updates on the field to become a real expert on the field.

Regardless of how ardent you are about your message or how much you know about your topic, if you don’t know how to speak in public well, you will still be miles away from becoming an inspirational speaker. Thus, the next thing you need to work on is to enhance your skills in public speaking. So how do you go about in boosting your public speaking prowess?

Motivational Speakers4. You can learn to become an effective public speaker by taking courses in public speaking. You can take formal classes at your local college or take public speaking courses at accredited institutions. You should also start practicing speaking before large crowds to gradually grow into the system.

5. Acquire a mentor or critic who can assist you if you are doing fine with your delivery or even in the preparation of your speeches or presentation. If you can’t find one, record each speech you make so that you can critique it afterwards.

6.  Inject humor in your message, when it is appropriate. Keeping your message lively and fun will make the audience more receptive to it. They are even more likely to remember it, when they had enjoyed the delivery of your message.

7.  Be wary of the non-verbal language that you convey while speaking. Crossing your arms or putting your hands in your pockets for long period of time can convey defensiveness, insecurity and being ill-at-ease to your audience. You cannot expect to inspire people if you seem unsure of yourself by the way you conduct yourself on stage.

8.  A motivational speaker should dress in the way that he wants the audience to perceive him. Thus, if you want to motivate people to succeed, your appearance should manifest success through well-groomed look and appropriate attire.

9.  Motivational speaker are writers first before they are speakers. Thus, it is important that they must also be proficient in writing. In their speaking engagements, they usually provide presentations and other written materials or visuals to supplement their speeches.