What Men Wear Out On The Course?

One of the most finicky sports in terms of attire is golf. Considered as part of the golf equipment, players believe that a proper set of golf apparel could help improve one’s game play. Male golf players often dress up depending on the type of gaming they will be playing. Now, whether a golfer would be playing for personal leisure or for a business front, he should still be able to choose an appropriate set of golf attire that would ultimately help in his game goal.

From the very top, golf players could wear a hat to protect them from the sun’s rays. An acceptable hat to wear in the golf course is a clean normal baseball cap. There is also straw golf hats designed to keep the sun’s glare away from the face.

Here The Tips Are Simple Enough To Help A Male Golf Player Choose Golf Apparel He Could Wear In The Golf Range :

GolfThe next article of clothing would be the top for men. The standard golf apparel would be a clean collared polo shirt. The most common colors for these shirts are white, brown, or blue. These polo shirts could be solid-colored, brightly colored, or patterned, as long as the polo shirt is well fitted, clean, and has no offending print on it. Depending on how low the temperature would be, the polo shirt could be matched with a golf jacket, sweater, pullover, or cardigan.

For a better investment, men should try investing in apparel specifically designed for golf, as these sets of golf attire would have technological infusion in them. Some sample technology in golf apparel are wrinkle and dirt resistant characteristics, and moisture wicking feature, which keeps the player cool and dry from sweat despite a humid weather.

Now, for the bottom, men could just choose long cotton pants as these are safe choices for any golf courses. They should never play golf wearing frayed jeans, or other kinds of denim. The pair of pants could be in neutral or dark colors, complementing the top of the person; the most common color for pants is khaki. A good fashion tip for men is to never pick a pair of pants with the same design as those of the top apparel. The rule of thumb in golf fashion for men is that a single plaid or pattern style is enough in the entire ensemble. In addition, golf players should check the pants for belt loops and should avoid those with cuffs.

Golf ShirtThere are however golf courses that are not as traditional as the others. These golf courses permit their male players to go to the range in shorts. Despite this, there are still certain rules regarding wearing a pair of shorts in the golf range. For example, a golf player should ensure that the pair of shorts should be long enough to cover the knees. Moreover, the same rule on denims would be carried over when choosing shorts over pants that are to never wear denims to the golf range.

Technology has also reached the golf apparel bottom. There are pairs of golf slacks created depending on the type of weather. There are water resistant bottoms best for cool weather while there are those best for humid weather.

For the accessories, golf players are also required to wear a belt to hold the pants. As the shirt is also required to be tucked in the pants, the belt would be visible to anyone; this is why it is important to choose a sophisticated looking belt. In choosing a belt, a person should check if the color of the belt complements the color of the bottom.

All these tips are simple enough to help a male golf player choose golf apparel he could wear in the golf range. The best tip however is to call the golf course and inquire if they have any dress code.