Why Choose a Portable Storage Container Over a Storage Unit

Storage facilities or safe houses are used by thousands of Americans who need some extra space for all types of items. They are so popular across the states that storage auctions have even become a trend. These on-location facilities are a good choice if you are looking for some storage space, but have you considered a portable storage container yet? Here are some of the advantages of choosing a portable storage container over a unit at a storage facility.


Arguably the biggest advantage you can get from a portable storage container is that you can place it anywhere you want. If you are always on the go, you can even take it with you. This is especially useful for businesses that regularly move locations such as construction sites. We have even had clients use our storage containers for their pop-up businesses. With storage facilities, your units are obviously fixed at the given location. But with a portable storage container, its location depends entirely on you.

Portable Storage Container

It is delivered to you

With safe houses, you have to drive to their address each and every time you need to get something in or out of your unit. Surely, there were times when you had to drive in the middle of the night after forgetting something important. But portable containers come to you, not the other way around. Movable Container Storage will deliver them straight to your doorstep. They can become an extension of your house. Whenever you need something, you only need to walk a few steps to your backyard and you have instant access to all your stored belongings.

More versatile

Storage units only serve their purpose of being an enclosed space where you can store your things. You cannot spend extended hours inside them because first of all, they are not well-ventilated and second of all, it is against the rules. But with your very own portable container, you can do whatever you want with it. You can live in it, house your crafts and hobbies workshop in it, or turn it into a business. You can make as much customizations and modifications with it as you want if you purchase instead of renting one.

Storage Containers

No limitations

With storage facilities, there are several policies and regulations you have to abide by. One of which is that you can only access your unit on specific hours of the day. Usually, they will not allow you to enter after 8pm. Another thing is that you can’t install your own cooling or heating system inside the units. This could cause problems when storing items that are sensitive to extreme cold or heat. There are certain items that are prohibited such as food, firearms, and flammables. But with your own containers, there are no limitations as long as you are compliant with your state’s laws.

More protection

Our portable storage containers are air and water tight while storage facilities are still prone to leaks and flooding. If you notice, some of them are merely cemented rooms with an aluminum gate where water can easily seep through. If you want your items to remain protected from the elements, then portable containers are the better choice. They also come with a high-security lock box for extra protection.

Daily monitoring

No matter how near a safe house may be to your own home, you still would not be able to monitor it the same way you would a portable container. Although these places employ their own security measures, there can still be incidents of theft which you will only find out about when it is too late. But with portable containers, they can be placed right in your backyard or near your office. You will be able to pass through them everyday and conduct as many inspections as you want. You will know about any activity that goes on inside your storage space.

Buy your own

Storage facilities only give you the option of renting out units. Usually, the leases are short-term and renewable every month. With our storage containers, you can also choose to rent, but you have the option of buying your own container.

The next time you are thinking of renting a storage space at a safe house, consider the advantages a portable storage unit has to offer. Once you have decided on the latter, you can contact Moveable Container Storage and we will provide you with all your storage needs. You will be able to experience all of the benefits listed above and more.


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